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Sometimes a record comes through the letter box that grabs you by the ears and won't let go. This is one of those, It may be Debra's debut album but it easy to see why she represented Canada in the International Blues Challenge and was a Semi-Finalist in 2016, and is a Western Canada Music Association (WCMA) Nominee for Blues Artist of the Year 2016.

A two fisted pianist with a fine contralto voice to die for, Debra is I suspect bound for great things. She is supported here by a stellar band, Mike F. Little (Hammond B3), Russell Broom (guitar), Chris Byrne (bass), Kelly Kruse (drums), and Mike Clark (saxophone) who do an outstanding job.

All the songs are written by Debra and a good job she has done with them too None are traditional 12 bar blues and some are more like gospel music but Debra manages to imbue them all with that 'feeling' that only comes if the singer has a deep knowledge and love of the genre.

The music reminded me a lot of the late, great Anne Rabson of the 'Sapphire: Uppity Blues Women' for it has that sort of infectious uplifting quality that comes from music made by folks who really love what they are doing. Check out the title track 'Even Redheads Get The Blues' on iTunes and you will be hooked! Want a slow blues? Try 'Temptation', "Temptation that's what you mean to me," Gospel? With some delightful churchy keys work, check out 'Jesus Is Crying'... This one comes with some fabulous soaring B3 work from Mike Little and a lovely sax solo from Mike Clark.

This is as good a debut album as you will ever hear. My advice is simple. Go and get it now!

Ian McKenzie
Blues In the South


I just finished listening to a brand new album from Debra Power, ten original songs entitled Even Redheads Get the Blues. Blue and funky to the core with great vocals and excellent musicianship. Debra has the opportunity with this release to take her style to national and international audiences. Highly recommended.

Denis Parker
Blues Musician
Past President NL Blues Society


I love Deb Power's CD Even Redheads Get the Blues it is a poignant, well written Blues album full of powerful singing and songwriting.

The way Deb Power delivers her songs, you would think that they were standards! Ms. Power brings a tinge of Gospel to her Boogie Woogie and more New Orleans feel than most keyboardists, these days.

I can't wait to hear more from this piano player from Calgary.

This will be a top twenty on Sunday Morning Soul, and it's only February!

Johnny Max
Host Sunday Morning Soul


This CD, Even Redheads Get The Blues came out of nowhere and its a very powerful project that this piano playing red head composed and produced herself.

Compliments to the B3 and guitar work, they gave exactly what was needed. The rhythm section stayed right on the groove and the sax extended Ms. Powers red blooded vocals and keyboard talents.

I was so surprised to find out this was the first CD, from this talented artist. The quality of her vocals, the expressions in her lyrics, just the whole lay out is so professional, beyond words. This is a classic..

Brenda Guitreau
Guitreau Productions
Hambone Music Festival, President Board of Directors


The Canadian Debra Power has released her debute record with Even Redheads Get the Blues let us tell you at once: It has become a fantastic record. The red haired artist is a formidable singer, songwriter and piano-player. Music was probably in her genes because her father was a bandleader specialized in Big Band music. She studied piano in her youth and accomplished the volume of her voice at The Memorial University of Newfoundland. It was during this period she made her first experiences of Rock 'n Roll and R&B bands. Now she has grown up to a well known blues piano player who for example represented Southern Alberta on the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, where she became a semi-finalist. Earlier she has been rewarded with the CBMA Award as 'Keyboard player of the year.'

Ten songs on this record, all written by Debra and all without exception excellent. All ready from the opening song "Streets of Heaven" is it clear that this artist is more than . average. She has a sublime voice, something in between Beth Hart and Eden Brent. It's not a coincidence that I use those two names because the writer of this article is a big fan of these two, because besides her voice, the songs are perhaps why you get facinated from the first listening.

You can maybe categorize it as classical blues songs, sometimes hammering blues and then emotional slow but again very excellente. There is a kind of believing in some of her lyrics but the way she sings about her religion is of an exceptional talent. The songs are spiced with a variation of Boogie Woogie, New Orleans, Rock and some Gospel but deeply rooted in the Blues. The last tune "Wish I Was a Child Again" doesn't really belong to those two categories but the song in itself has such an unknown beauty that it deservs to be played on the better radio stations.

The musicians around her are very talented and they know that the spotlights should be on Debra but they are all so good, that they are responsable too, for the high level of this record. For example Mike Clark has a sublime contribution on the saxophone in the first number and his solo half through the tune is wonderful but it gives him a credit that after that he keeps himself to wonderful support. The songs are often life experiences. Debra knows how to write them down in a facinating way and especially a hint to her sister in the title song we admired smiling.

In the mentioned last song she memorizes her youth and history which repeats itself with the daughter. It's a brilliant end of a brilliant debut. The lady sings and plays so it affects you. When she slides on the vocals she still sounds clear and her way of playing is fenomenal and her song writing is exellent. Does it need to be said that we recommend this record especially to the fans of earlier mentioned bluesartists.

Luc Meert
Free translated from Dutch to English


Debra Power, singer, pianist and songwriter is still a hidden gem within the Netherlands for many. That needs to change now and will, as this semi-finalist of the IBC Memphis Blues Challenge 2016 and her album, Even Redheads Get the Blues, has delivered. Vocally she does her last name honour, as what a power it has in the house. Her voice reminds me of a mixture of Eden Brent and Chastity Brown, exactly the singers that I have a soft spot for. Yet not only does Debra come with a great voice, the music is also right. And that makes this CD, with all of its original songs, a certain purchase.

Debra is supported by Mike F. Little (Hammond B3), Russell Broom (guitar), Chris Byrne (bass), Kelly Kruse (drums), and Mike Clark (Sax.). The Boogie "Streets of Heaven" gets the piano just right like it belongs to the sax and to the vocals. It is just great. A slow blues like "Just a Little Bit" is of great beauty with vocal tricks that play together with a plaintive sax to provide the necessary notes for goosebumps. In " I'm So Happy", Debra goes on to good times again on the piano and lets Russell go wild on his guitar. A great number is the gospel "Jesus Is Crying" where the comparison with Chastity brown is in full play. Does this album have weak numbers? No, all are equally good. This redhead has completely lived up to "Even Redheads Get the Blues" and has made all redheads also " get the blues ".

BluesnRoots Corner

Translated from Dutch to English


Singer, piano player and composer Debra Power is well known both in Canada and United States, thanks to her energy to approach songs, as well as her bright piano attack. Her father led a dance orchestra during the golden age of swing back in the forties, so Debra learned very soon to play the eighty-eight keys, founding her first band when he was still in high school. Despite she has got a great popularity in Calgary blues scene, it has not been up to now that Debra Power has released her first album. This is a very good work that shows a woman in high spirits but, at the same time, bright, unique and incomparable, showing it along the ten album songs, covering from blues to funk, gospel and rhythm and blues with good reliability and professionalism. Debra's voice and piano are backed by Mike Little on Hammond B-3, Russell Broom on guitar, Chris Byrne on bass, Kelly Kruse on drums and Mike Clark on tenor sax. All together succeed to create a warm casual atmosphere with songs full of rhythm, groove and delightful moments. GREAT.

La Hora del Blues
Translated from Spanish to English